Become A Game Tester

Become A Game Tester sounds a bit weird for those of you who have never heard of one 'profession' named a video game tester. Being a game tester is actually an interesting experience. There are a lot of people want to do this, and therefore, a good book Become A Game Tester is created. This is the guide to show you what details to pay attention to while testing a new game.

Do you need to know what the important points are? Here are 4 main tasks for a game tester as explained in the Become A Game Tester Guide:
  1. Play the game thoroughly to discover what glitches the designer didn't see. You can test the weapons, animals, cars, ad everything used in the game. Find any problem carefully!
  2. Beat the game, test the limit, and get to the point the designer intend. 
  3. Make sure, you get some fun with the game. This game shouldn't bee too hard and can be played to the extreme as well.
  4. Try to play the game to different systems and make sure it is compatible with any system you try and for which it was designed.
The complete to-do list as a game tester is written nicely in the book, and it's impossible to break down what the book is saying and write down everything here in this short review. The important point to explain here is that Become A Game Tester is a comprehensive guide that will show you what you need to do and what to know to turn your hobby into a lucrative, valuable job.

The Become A Game Tester is written by an 8-year game testing veteran Matthew Johnson. He is the guru you can talk everything to. There's a list of requirements of a game tester that probably you won't have to meet them all, but the more you learn the better you will be.

There’s no incredible hobby like playing games. It’s fun, addictive, refreshing and is great for your prosperity. As long as you find the way, playing game would never be more interesting! Tips and tricks explained in the book will give you a series of clear hints on how to prepare yourself to stand out from the crowd of the many who want this job, how to get experience, how to make yourself an expert, how to promote yourself and so on. Now are you ready to become a game tester?